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Infrastructure, energy y mining industry

It's in this sector is where  CAMINO has a large number of models due to the huge growth experienced by Spain in the last two decades in infrastructure (construction of roads, highways , hydraulic dams, ports, power plants, high-speed lines and rail ) , renewable energy and mining .

Our company has designed and manufactured a wide range of vehicles adapted to the different transport needs of these economic sectors.

Sectors of Infrastructure, energy y mining industry:

CAMINO manufactures semi- trailer dumper and body's trucks ( 2 , 3 and four axes) that are installed on all major brands ( VOLVO, SCANIA , IVECO , MAN, MERCEDES , RENAULT , DAF. . .) See more

CAMINO In the hydraulic,manufactures HORMICAM 6500 designed for the building of hydraulic dams, it's a mixer which can transport a special concrete in a semi-dry state... See more

CAMINO manufactures semi-trailers for the transport of maritime containers in different versions See more

CAMINO Our company is leading the manufacture of trailers for the transport of solar mirrors up to 12 meters used in the construction See more

CAMINO In recent years our company has made a major commitment in this sector designing new dumpers and tilt trucks See more

Technological solutions to the transport layer
in the different sectors of the economy

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