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Tilting concrete mixer HORMICAM 6500

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  • Concrete-mixer for 6x4 truck chassis, Wheelbase 3,200 mm approx with capacity of 7 m3
  • Lifting by hydraulic frontal cylinder to provide greater stability in the tilt
  • Stabilizer concrete-mixer, composed of articulated scissors, made of high yield strength steel , length = 3,000 mm
  • Dumper pivot Ø = 70 mm  to provide stability
  • Concrete-mixer  mounted on steel frame and attached to the vehicle 'chassis using bolted joints fixed on its back andelastic at the front
  • Dump bottom and sides 5 mm thick S-355 / ST -52 3
  • Rounded parts  6mm thick S-355 / ST -52  3
  • Tailgate with opening and closing by hydraulic cylinders
  • Rear chute attached to the vehicleform and size to be determined according to needs
  • Controls master cylinder, rear hatch and cabin vibrator includes hydraulic distributor, limit switches, pressure relief valve, tank and necessary connections.
  • aluminum caps  on  discovered chassis area
  • Safety strut maintenance functions and audible operation
  • Manually sliding tarpaulin on top
  • Pneumatic vibrator secured at the bottom of the box
  • Surface treatment: blasting + primer + epoxy polyurethane enamel finish

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