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Complete customer service

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For CAMINO good customer service is a key to the full satisfaction of our customers . Our principle, there isn't a good sale without a good after-sales ,is essential to understand that everything manufactured needs to be maintained and repaired. CAMINO is supplied by the large European suppliers of accessories and equipment of vehicles offering a proven traceability of all elements and accessories used in its manufactureand sales service , all peoplewho are part of our customers service department are engineers or technicians with high qualifications that have passed previously by all departments of our company accumulated technical and human experience with high added value .

Our company supplies spare parts and accessories for our productsand other brands , parts and accessories for industrial vehicles

CAMINO also performs maintenance services to transport fleets in each of the sectors of economic activity

CAMINO has two repair workshops and two supply stores located in Seville and Tenerife(SPAIN) , where we offer maintenance and repair of vehicles to transport companies at national and regional level


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Technological solutions to the transport layer
in the different sectors of the economy

CAMINO General presentation

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